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Picture Collage Maker for Windows is an all-inclusive and lightweight program aimed at creating eye-catching greeting cards, posters, scrapbooks and combines ordinary photos in different backgrounds with different designs.

Editor's note: Picture Collage Maker Pro is a simple but practical program for lovers of photography and creative people, which provides users with various creative opportunities to design albums, scrapbooks, calendars and other things that are not very nice. But considering the cost, several similar applications offer these functions and that may be available for free, yes, there may not be a wide variety of templates, but they are allowing users to use them for free.

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Picture Collage Maker: Product review

Technical Details
. Nomenclature: PHoneRescue.
. Gender: Data recovery.
. Updated in: June 1, 2018
. Official: iMobie.Com.
. Version: 3.7.0 (iOS) and 3.6.0 (Android).
. Editor's ratings:
. Compatibility: 32 and 64 bits.
. OS: Windows 10/8/7.
. License: Free Trial.
. Configuration size: 894 KB and 0.99 MB.

Picture Collage Maker Pro is an uncomplicated collage creator that allows consumers to strive to develop the creativity of photomontages along with a wide range of templates to be used. To be precise, it is a package, where fans of photography can experiment and formulate masterpieces in the form of scrapbooks, photo albums, calendars, frames, collages and much more. And what is more important, like every year when the Christmas season approaches, what does it take most of the time, how to create an attractive and outstanding Christmas card? Therefore, all the concerns related to these issues will no longer exist. Capture the best image and design your own personalized greeting card, add texts using various sources available in the software, create birthday cards and other occasional events. There are a multitude of templates explicitly dedicated for festivities and celebrations; you no longer have the extreme need to go back to Google and look for the best web pages to design a greeting card, instead of doing it yourself, be your own hero!

  • Easy operations
  • High quality results / impressions.
  • Numerous user interface designs and templates.
  • Creative tools
  • Appropriate funds.
  • Do not share social networks.
  • Obsolete design.

There is a free trial edition of Picture Collage Maker Pro available for testing purposes; However, although this version is not available to Mac users, momentarily Windows geeks can take advantage of the application. The program is not free at all, it pays dollars to use the full nine yards, but what drags the technicians is when there are alternatives available, what is the point of acquiring this tool? Okay, yes! It is a valid point. There is a wide variety of collage makers that perform similar functions without costing a penny; However, this application has a large variety of templates that may lack free software. So, look before you jump, try the trial edition, and if you can cast a spell, do it. The user interface seems quite outdated and, to be honest, we are in the era of advances, but this tool lacks a modernist appearance. Obviously, appearance matters, that is why technology users are looking for photo editors and tools identical to this, so here is a drawback that may not attract users of the modern era. In addition, another unfortunate fact is that you can not share the masterpiece directly on the social networking websites, to do so, the consumer will have to save the file and distribute it. Just to encourage enthusiasts, the tool offers the option of printing, so simply create the photographs and take them to reality.

Picture Collage Maker: main features

Have the albums and scrapbooks decorate them using clip art, simply drag and drop the images, edit the photos, choose from several templates to create the best photo album.

Make collages for multiple occasions, here again; You can use the drag and drop function, use stickers and clip art from the wide range provided by Picture Collage Maker.

Design and print your own calendar, feel enchanted all year round and use the best images from your collection to create your own calendar.

  • Wide range of creative designs.

There is a wide range of models and templates available to choose from, use the ones that are most attractive to you.

Select several clipart / stickers and decorate the images; however, if the overall appearance is not adapted or improved, the ball is in its court and the clipart can be eliminated.

  • Large collection of templates

There are numerous templates available in the application to create collages; however, on particular occasions, one can find specific types of templates, be it a birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and much more.

Edit the photographs you would like to use to create the masterpiece, crop, resize or implement essential editing tools with this application. Also, when making collages add layers, reposition the images and assign the perfect frame or edge.

Simply choose the photos of your system and place them in the application, adjust them easily whether you are making a collage or frames, etc.

Users can add texts in the images, they can also edit the text by applying various fonts or shadows, changing colors and much more

Design creative frames, collages, greeting cards, etc. and you can print each file created with this program.

Download Picture Collage Maker

Configuration name PictureCollageMakerPro_Setup.exe
Source Direct download.
File size: 102 MB (106954752 Bytes).
Compatibility Windows (32 bits, 64 bits).

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