Photoscape Photo Editor Review

At first glance I thought PhotoScape was ridiculous, but I dug deeper and realized why many readers of this site recommended it as their favorite free photo editor. It is full of functions in state that it is easy to use very much. PhotoScape includes some modules and I will briefly explain them here.

About Photoscape editor

The editor is where most of the features are located. Here you can apply various adjustments and effects to your photos. With just one click, everything from auto levels to advanced color curves can be loaded and saved with presets. There are many color and tone adjustments and multiple filter effects, from real (noise reduction) to fun (cartoons).

You can even decorate your photos with a variety of fun and funky frames. The editor has an Objects tab where you can add text, shapes, and speech bubbles over the photo you’re working on. There are various clip art objects that can be stamped into the working file, and you can also add other photos or images from the clipboard.

There is a rich text tool to add rich text and a symbol tool to find all the symbol fonts on your computer and place them on the image. Once these objects are in the document, they can be resized, moved and rotated. The editor also provides a flexible cropping tool with a circular crop option.

There are several area editing tools such as red eye remover, mole remover, and mosaic. You can improve red eye and mole tools, but they do decent work for a quick trim. There is also an Undo and All Undo button to reverse any unwanted changes. When you save your edits, you can back up the original photo, save it with a new file name, or save the file in the specified output folder before overwriting.


The viewer is nothing special but does the work. It provides a standard thumbnail view along with some features that show you a list of folders on the side, a larger preview window, image rotation, EXIF ​​data, and more. The maximum thumbnail size is very small and doesn’t seem to have any sorting options. Each other tab in PhotoScape has its own thumbnail browser, so you won’t use this tab very often.

Batch processing

In the Batch Editor, you can apply almost all the features available in the editor to multiple files at once. This includes adjusting frames, objects, text, colors and tones, sharpening, resizing, and many effects. You can review the results before exporting one or all photos with changes. You can also save the deployment editor settings as a configuration file to reuse later.

Page layout

The page module is a multi-photo layout tool with a choice of over 100 grid layouts. Just drag and drop your photos into the box and you will have a quick collage. You can move and resize individual photos to fit the grid box, resize the layout, add margins, round corners, apply frames to all the photos in the layout, or filter the effects. When the layout is complete, you can save it as a new file or pass it to the editor.

Here here some Photoscape features

  • Combine: Combine multiple photos into horizontal or vertical strips or grids.
  • AniGif: Create frame-based animations from multiple photos.
  • Print: Print a photo package layout or thumbnail contact sheet.
  • Splitter: Crop a photo into multiple images based on a grid.
  • Screen Capture: Take an image of your entire desktop, window, or screen area.
  • Color Picker: Samples color anywhere on the screen.
  • Raw Converter: A simple converter for saving camera RAW files as JPEG.
  • Rename: Batch edit file name with custom text, date, time, serial number.

Final words

We were generally impressed with what was packed in this photo editor without sacrificing ease of use. But there are some drawbacks. In some dialogs, Korean characters appeared in some dialogs, and sometimes the language was not clear enough to describe the function. The program can only work with one document at a time, so to change the photo you are working on, you need to save and close the current file.

It also means you can’t do advanced editing like photo montage with multiple images faded into each other. There are some pixel-level editing tools here, but they are quite limited. In other words, it will accommodate most of what an average person would want to do with photography, and it also offers some pretty fun extras.

PhotoScape is free for non-commercial use and runs on Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 10 and Mac. The program didn’t raise any adware or spyware alerts on my system, but websites and online help show text ads. The online help contains several videos that show the program features. This is one of the better free photo editors and worth checking out.

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