Free Photo Editing Software for PC in 2021

When I played tennis, the coach said the game wasn’t over until I shook hands with my opponent. In other words, regardless of timing or score, all points are as important as before and after scores. Concepts like this are related to photography.

Whether displayed on a photography website, to enhance an e-commerce website or used as part of a promotional campaign, images should not be presented as finished before the process is completed. Here is a list of the best free photo editing software 2020.

One of the most common mistakes people make with photography is ignoring how important post-processing is. In most cases, due to the high input bar of the most popular photo editing software, it skips the last step of the process. For beginners and non-photographers, tools like Photoshop and Lightroom can be quite difficult and don’t even cost money.

However, many people ignore the long list of free photo editing software available online and on the desktop. Regardless of your skill, requirements, and goals, these tools will help you take your image to the next level for a professional look with minimal effort.

Particularly because of the cost (or lack), these free alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom give Adobe a chance to make money. Are you ready to start editing your image like a pro? The best free photo editing software available in 2020.

1. Pixlr

Many people see Pixlr Editor as the best free online photo editor and think it is as powerful as the best desktop editing software. With Pixlr Editor, you can do it right from your device, URL, or Facebook, so you can start from the moment you open the image with skilled features.

This is especially useful for non-photographers who want to edit existing images for new purposes. The program’s interface is very similar to Adobe’s editor, making people think of Pixlr Editor as the best online version of Photoshop. Of course, Photoshop Express itself is also included.

The long list of professional features included in this program is incomparable with other free photo editors on the market. Among them are exposure, level, auto-enhancement tools, sophisticated color pickers, customizable brushes, layers, and masks.

The main drawback of the Pixlr Editor is that it requires Flash, a plugin that is about to drop support from Adobe soon. To overcome these problems, Pixlr developed an HTML-based paid version of the Pixlr Editor that includes advanced editing tools, PSD template support, premium fonts, and stock images, layers, and more.

The free HTML version of the program is also available online under the name Pixlr X. This is explained in detail below. With the release of the beta version of Pixlr Editor 2020, the company seems to want to merge all of its free photo editors into a single platform.

Keep reading to learn more about this simple alternative. The software is also available on mobile with native apps for Android and iOS.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

People have long been trying to find a free version of Photoshop online. One day, Adobe finally listened to prayer and released Adobe Photoshop Express, which organized the industry’s best software into online and mobile versions. Unlike paid Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express is not aimed at professional photographers and media creators but is aimed at beginners or those looking for high-quality software for quick editing.

You can easily see what is provided and what it does. Adobe Photoshop Express lets you choose basic image editing tasks such as contrast, perspective, saturation, exposure, and spot removal, and preset dynamic effects. It doesn’t have as many tools as the professional version, but it’s perfectly polished to provide a great user experience.

The Express version of Adobe photo editing software also includes the ‘Decoration’ category, allowing users to easily add text and create fully customizable collages.

You can edit the images stored on your device or share them directly from Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Photos. All edits done in Adobe Photoshop Express are non-destructive, so you can always go back to the original photo.

3. Paint .NET

Paint.NET was created by students of Washington State University on behalf of Microsoft Paint. However, the original drawing program was developed as an intuitive free photo editing software for those looking for free, easy-to-use image editing software that provides high-quality results.

The software provides a clear and simple interface that supports hotkey functions, so it’s a great option for inexperienced users who don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how the program works. Also, this simplicity allows the smooth running of Paint.NET on less powerful devices such as laptops.

Although aimed at novice users, Paint.NET offers a wide range of photo editing tools including brightness, contrast, hue, curves, levels, layers, gradients, and unlimited undo.

Also, software forums support plugins created by more and more developer communities. This plugin can be used to access advanced features like 3D rotation/zoom tools, which are widely used for image reconstruction.

4. Pixlr X

Pixlr Editor is considered the best online photo editor like Photoshop, but Pixlr X is considered the best free HTML alternative to Photoshop Express. This software was developed as a successor to the Pixlr Editor, making Flash obsolete when it disappears from the picture.

Unfortunately, moving from the Flash platform to the HTML platform required a lot of refinement of the functionality of the original editor. Despite minimizing this feature, the Pixlr X has established itself as one of the best free photo editing software on the market.

The program focuses on a one-click tool that includes all the basic editing requirements and some while maintaining the sleek design of the previous editors.

You can edit the color and saturation of an image, crop and resize it, use the touch-up tool to remove unwanted elements, and adjust the white balance. Other niche tools, such as red-eye removal and fill lighting, can take your portraits to the next level.

Overall, the Pixlr X is an excellent online photo editor for beginners and non-professional photographers that will cover all your media needs. Those looking for advanced tools like brushes or layers can stick with the Pixlr Editor until the Pixlr X evolves to include these features.


GIMP is widely regarded as the best free photo editor on the market. The software includes a wide range of tools, from basic tasks to professional-level features. Beginners can take advantage of selection and montage tools, cropping, color adjustment, and automatic image enhancement tools.

On the other hand, advanced users can find a variety of tools such as content-aware sizing, face swaps, animated GIFs, layer masks, curves, and personalizable brushes.

All these features make GIMP an amazing free Photoshop alternative for those who already know Adobe’s flagship software. Also, the interface is fully customizable and there are numerous plugins that you can add for free. GIMP is open-source software with an active community.

This means that the platform will continue to be updated and improved while users can continue to use the platform for free. This photo editing software can be installed on desktop devices running on any operating system or downloaded as a portable version that can be added to a USB key for flexibility in use.

If you’re trying to use this advanced photo editor, but you’re not familiar with technical jargon, you might want to take a look at this photo terminology.

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