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MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps to recover lost files, deleted as a result of a hard drive failure, accidentally or as a consequence of a virus attack. In addition, the program supports flash drives, memory cards, CD / DVD and other storage devices.

Editor's note: In general, the "Power Data Recovery Application" is undoubtedly useful and quite easy to administer. The program presents a clear step-by-step guide for its users and really does what it has undertaken. In addition, this data restoration platform supports various file formats and is capable of recovering substantially all types of files while being compatible with multiple devices.

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Power Data Recovery 8.1: Product review

Technical Details
. Title: MiniTool POnline data recovery.
. Gender: Data recovery.
. Updated in: February 12, 2019.
. Official: MiniTool.Com.
. Version: 8.1.
. Editor's ratings:
. Compatibility: 32 and 64 bits.
. OS: Windows 10/8/7.
. License: Free edition
. Configuration size: 37.1 MB

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is well-founded and is a robust data recovery program, which is placed with a next-generation user interface to recover files lost or deleted from the system. The application manifests itself in a peculiar way to recover the records that were accidentally deleted from the device or by chance, the software is intelligently filtered in the memory of the system and retrieves the files that were not found anywhere. In addition, it quickly scans computer devices and presents the final results and allows users to choose (previewing) the files to be recovered. This is a very useful feature because it saves time and space when selecting the necessary data. In addition, the operations of the program are quite obvious and do not require any experience to perform the tasks. The step-by-step guide is there, making the application be operated by the newbies as well. In addition, it works for almost all types of storage devices, including hard drive, USB, SD cards, compact discs, DVD, digital camera and any other device compatible with the Windows operating system.

  • It combines a clear interface.
  • A self-explanatory program
  • Make the actions energetically.
  • Preview before recovering.
  • It helps to recover devices infected by viruses.
  • Restrictions in the free version (1GB).
  • I can not name some recoverable files.
  • Missing previews of some content.

What is more?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an angel disguised for devices affected by viruses, often malicious virus attacks cause damage to the data and result in the loss of the same, which is a nightmare. Therefore, this program competently resolves this situation by searching for lost files, along with this, it will modify all types of content, be it a multimedia file, a document, an email, etc. The application improved a bit recently where it has been improved to perform faster than before; It is a solid recovery engine; what speeds up the restoration procedure. In addition, the latest edition will show the results in an improved way where users can easily find the expected files. Apart from what comprises the most recent version, there are several bug fixes for improved performance. A couple of languages ​​have been added to the program's user interface so that more people around the world can enjoy it. The program is free to use, but if the user needs to rescue the content that is more than 1 GB in size, then there would be a fee involved, on the contrary, it has no cost.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Data recovery from damaged hard drives

The software can recover files from damaged hard drives.

  • Recover lost files, quickly

Files that were accidentally deleted or intentionally deleted can be recovered efficiently with this tool.

  • Recover lost data from the partition

If the partition is formatted or deleted, the content that resides can be lost, however, with this application, any lost file can be recovered effortlessly.

  • Retrieves finished data from multiple devices.

The program is capable of recovering the contents of various devices including cameras, hard drives, USB, memory cards, compact discs / DVDs and more.

  • Supports various file formats

It supports multiple file formats, either a multimedia file or any other document, you can easily obtain it.

  • Three steps towards recovery

Select the device, scan the unit and preview / save the files.

What's new?

  • New languages ​​added: The latest edition is now compatible with Geman and Japanese.
  • Faster than before: The latest edition has been emphasized to perform actions faster than ever.
  • Improved results: The application was updated in a way that allows users to find the correct files quickly, therefore, saves a lot of time.

Apart from the previous improvements, several bug fixes are part of the latest version.

Download Power Data Recovery 8.1

Configuration name pdr81-free.exe
Source Direct download.
File size: 37.1 MB (38,948,864 bytes).
Compatibility Windows (32 bits, 64 bits).

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