How to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One with ANY game

Some officially supported games can use the keyboard and mouse with Xbox One. But with XIM Apex, you can make your game dream come true. which game.

Products used in this guide

How to use your keyboard and mouse on Xbox One

XIM Apex is a product that can be interpreted as being capable of using keyboard and mouse signals on Xbox One. There are two steps for setup.

  1. visit Download the PC’s firmware tool and Apex Manager app for Windows.
  2. Open it Firmware tool.
  3. Press the button XIM Apex Insert it into a USB port on your PC.
  4. Release the button when the Apex light turns on blue.
  5. Click Firmware update Flash the latest version on Apex.

The Apex Manager app, also available on Android and iOS, lets you fine-tune your experience with custom settings. As a warning you can sometimes have trouble connecting. Watch the XIM forum to use the latest version.

We recommend using a mobile app to connect to Apex via Bluetooth. So you can stay connected to Xbox One while loading your profile.

Next you need to connect Apex to the console.

  1. connect Apex dongle Connect to the free USB port on your Xbox One.

    Source: Windows Central

  2. connect Apex Herb On the Apex dongle.

    XIM Apex

    Source: Windows Central

  3. Keyboard and mouse Apex Herb.
  4. Xbox One Controller Apex Herb With micro USB cable.

    XIM Apex

    Source: Windows Central

  5. Lights up when Apex is successfully connected Flashing green.

You need to load your profile before playing games with Apex, where the companion app comes to your smartphone. You can download a profile for another game by pressing the button on Apex while connected via Bluetooth. This is important for each game you play to ensure the best experience.

Apex is set to maximum sensitivity by default, so you need to change this value in your game settings as well.

Best Equipment Picks

The equipment you need to complete the steps in this guide is:

Our choice

XIM Apex

Expensive but not winable

You can get your product through community and game support that supports Apex, and it’s a bit messy to set up and use, but it provides the best experience.

XIM and its users are a tight group and this community focus will help keep Apex as the best product for using a keyboard and mouse in the console. The games you support and the settings you offer may be a bit difficult at first, but are very quick to stop.

Additional equipment

Other essentials you need to get up and running with your keyboard and mouse on Xbox One

KLIM Lightning
($ 20 on Amazon)

This semi-mechanical gaming keyboard is not expensive and is one of the cheapest options.

Razer Death Adder Elite
($ 30 Amazon)

One of the best performance and most comfortable gaming mouse ever comes at a very attractive price.

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