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Grammarly for Windows version 1.5.37 accompanies an extraordinarily intelligent mechanism that spontaneously points out plagiarized content, poorly structured sentences, spelling errors and other advanced level errors, which can be solved in the blink of an eye.

Editor's note: Grammar is literally an angel in disguise, there are several minor errors that we do not take into consideration or that we often ignore, which can leave a great impact on readers and editors. Grammarly includes everything, since it maintains the control of the plagiarism and rectifies all the errors of punctuation, structure of sentences and grammar of efficient way. However, the application sometimes fails and takes a little longer than usual, retention does not happen often. In general, it is an excellent application to use and amend insignificant or meaningless aberrations, making it a wonderful platform to try, that will never disappoint users.

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Grammar 1.5.37: Product review

Technical Details
. Nomenclature: Grammar for Windows.
. Gender: Office and Productivity.
. Updated in: May 8, 2018
. Official: Gramática.Com.
. Version: 1.5.37.
. Compatibility: 32 and 64 bits.
. OS: Windows 10/8/7.
. License: Free version (limitations).
. Configuration size: 48.5 MB.

Grammarly is a grammar rectification application in English that serves as the most eminently trained proofreading program in the industry, equipped with the most important plagiarism checker and gram validator to make documents error-free. The application is mainly for people who love to write or prepare official documents frequently. In fact, the application is an unconventional utility to correct grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, even sentence structures that are malformed or contain grammatical errors. All errors, including advanced ones, can be recalibrated simply by clicking on the appropriate ones using this tool. In addition, it requires registration, which apparently is done through an Internet connection, users can register with the help of Facebook or Gmail accounts; otherwise, unregistered users will not be able to enjoy multiple superlative functions. It offers a free edition that can be used at no cost, however, compared to the premium feature, the free version lacks several features, as they say; you can not make an omelette without breaking some eggs, to acquire something worthwhile, one has to lose some dollars. The aforementioned program offers multiple plans for users to obtain the premium edition; There are individual plans and even team plans; where a minimum of 3 members can enjoy premium benefits, in addition, all team members can have their personal Grammarly accounts. Withal, the software is an online utility; it requires an Internet connection to correct own or official documents where it can identify inaccurate grammatical errors.

  • Corrects badly structured sentences.
  • Demonstration to fix the spelling and vocabulary.
  • Automated error detection.
  • Error points / advanced errors.
  • High grade plagiarism tester.
  • Very rarely but commits, mistakes.
  • Many restrictions in the free version.
  • There is no support for Google Drive.

What is moreGrammarly is an easy-to-use tool; allows the user to operate the application efficiently, there is a demonstration available on his personal Grammarly account page, as soon as you guide him, the file will guide him when he passes the cursor over the underlined words. It is an expeditious platform that is even exceptional in performance for premium users; Subscribed users can alter their comparatively finer documents. In addition, the program is compatible with the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, initially the application was granted by the consumer as a complement to the Google Chrome browser, together, there is a Grammar plugin for Microsoft Office and an official Windows application are also available. As soon as it is installed in the Chrome browser, it allows the user to write on various websites out of any grammar error, be it Facebook or LinkedIn, WordPress or even if he is making official emails to send them, Grammarly will help. on numerous websites and will ignore your mistakes. With this application, procreate your dictionary and the tool will not underline them as previous errors, configure your language preferences, whether you use American, Australian, Canadian or British English as writing terminology, the ball is in your court, while all the means mentioned above have tiny spelling differences and their grammar and punctuation rules also vary. Also, without any problem, delete your Grammarly account to obstruct the use of the application at any time. In addition to this, the software saves all the documents in the cloud, which in turn saves the user the hassle of synchronizing or saving the documents individually each time, in addition, it has a drag-and-drop function that allows the consumer to import or export documents. anywhere. Together, it also allows the copy and paste function to simplify the process.

Grammar 1.5.37: Outgoing features of the product:

FeaturesThe grammatical characteristics are much more than what has been discussed. The plagiarism verification function is simply a piece of cake, which makes this application suitable for both academic and business class writers. Take a look at the other notable features, below.

  • Rectify grammatical errors.

Grammarly is really an application to omit any grammatical error intentionally committed or not, so it will highlight all the grammatical errors and provide the user with the correct option to use in its place.

  • Punctual berries can be repaired.

Likewise, it can also recognize any punctuation errors committed and will underline them in a similar way in the case of grammatical errors.

It facilitates the user's verification of plagiarism, since deliberate or unintentional copying of content from any other site or person is an unethical practice, so Grammarly maintains verification of this and prevents the user from committing this action.

  • Several billing plans to acquire a premium version.

There are multiple plans to acquire the application, there are quarterly, annual and monthly premium options to take possession, along with a team / family plan for a minimum of 3 members to buy, which offers personal accounts to all users, respectively.

  • Easy installation procedure

The application is precisely light and does not prolong the discharge and has a proportionally lucid installation process.

  • Use as a complement or Windows application

It is available to be added in Google Chrome as an extension, and you will get a solution for all errors contained in a document, in addition to the official Windows application is also available for the program.

  • Compatible to be used with social networking websites.

The extensions of Google Chrome allow the program to review any data entered by the user in the social networking site or WordPress, etc.

  • Characteristics of the limited edition of demonstration

There is no such thing as a free lunch, you will now agree to this term, the free Grammarly edition lacks multiple premium features, and unregistered users even deal with the deficiency of features accessible to registered users.

  • Available for MS Office, Windows and Chrome

In addition, the program is also available as an official Windows application and as an extension in google chrome and MS Office users can also take advantage of this exceptional utility.

  • Log in with a facebook or google account

The login has undoubtedly been easy, use Facebook or Google ID to log in to the application.

Download Grammarly 1.5.37:

to downloadGrammarly for Windows version 2018 (1.5.37) has a much improved proofreading experience and is available for 32- and 64-bit system architectures. Download the Windows-based installation installer.

Configuration name GrammarlySetup.exe
Source From the official website.
File size: 48.5 MB (50855936 bytes).
Compatibility Windows

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