Getintopc Internet Download Manager Free Download

Getintopc Internet Download Manager Free download

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager that has surpassed everyone else. Its features are immeasurable, it is also known as shareware download manager. It acts as a tool that manages and schedules downloads, since it can also use full bandwidth, it has the ability to restore and resume in case you lose connection, power outages and network problems that help restore downloads interrupted IDM supports a variety of proxy servers such as FTP, HTTP protocols, and many more.

Features of Getintopc Internet Download Manager Free download

Unattended download / programming in IDM

If you download many files for a hassle-free download, add all the files in the administrator and then download all the files one by one that you already know. But IDM makes this task easier. The most important and useful feature of the Internet download manager is the programmer that makes it an excellent download manager than another administrator. To enter the programmer menu, you must click on the Programmer icon that is present in the IDM toolbar, in the menu find two tabs, one is to create time rules for the start and end of the download, and another is to control the amount of files that will be downloaded simultaneously. You can also create your own schedule and name them.

While adding the download, a dialog box will appear, then you must select a download option later and it will be added directly to the queue. You should now right click on the file in the download list and select the option to move to which will be followed by the name of the queue.

The Internet download manager will automatically download the file according to the queue when your download list is complete. IDM will automatically close your PC and disconnect your Internet connection.

100{a915fdea6292121920dc68d633740bd93925b955757237b4fe876b26d2a27297} bandwidth utilization

With the help of IDM, you can fully use the Bandwidth of your internet connection that will push the download speed stability. Now you do not have to worry about other applications that could absorb your bandwidth and with low speed leave your download. The new version of the IDM supports 32 connections that are made to the same server to download a single file.

This helps to use bandwidth very well and provides great benefit to people who share the network. To do this, you must go with the option and then the connection and select your connection option and then select the desired number.

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Virus scan after download

The virus problem that worries most people is best done before it starts. Once the download is complete, IDM will automatically scan the downloaded file with the help of Antivirus program that is already installed on your system.

This is the safe way to handle the external file of the web and ensures that your system is safe from all threats. To do this, you must visit the option and then download and find the virus verification section, now you have to explore the selected file.

Configuring IDM

In this function, the Internet download manager automatically connects to your Internet connection using your dial-up or VPN service. Most of the time we forget the configuration of the Internet access requirement that is performed by default by Windows.

To add your dial upset, you must set the Dial / option VPN. You must remember to verify the save password.

If you have a direct Internet connection, Dial UP will not be applicable to you, but the VPN can be configured if you are already using it.

Limit download speed

Just as you have an urgent job when surfing the Internet and at the same time that the Internet download manager is downloading your file, it is natural that the Internet speed decreases but you do not want to stop the download, so in this situation it is better Reduce the speed of your internet This method is good for permanent but it works primarily for an urgent task. If you want to reduce the Internet speed of the individual file, you must open the progress file and then click on the speed limit option, you can choose the desired speed according to yourself.

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Download from the Premium website

Most people use a premium file server, in that case, they can use their credential in the Internet download manager and can download files directly from the server, so you don't need to use another web browser at the same time.

This feature is excellent for downloading the mass file from the premium server where you visit the option and the site login and then you can add the site address and your credential and it can be used for multiple purposes, you can add the file here I needed your login data to download.

Automatically download copied links

With the help of this function, you must copy the link in the window and let IDM download the link automatically. Doing this saves time and is also convenient for you. For this, you must go with the general option there, you will see the option to automatically start downloading the URLs placed on the clipboard.

Avoid downloads from other websites

When you install the Internet download manager on your device, it will automatically overcome all other downloads from another browser, this can also create a problem when you try to download from another site that the download manager does not allow. You must follow some steps to stop IDM when interpreting the other sites, for this, you must use the key combination as ALT + SHIFT and choose the option to Customize keys to prevent or force the download with IDM.

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