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DirectX 11 Free Download the latest version configuration for PC. This is the setup of the offline installer of Direct X 11 for Windows 7 and Windows 8 to display HD graphics.

DirectX 11: Product review:

Direct X 11 is an important way to meet the high definition graphics requirements for many games and other media. Microsoft’s Direct X 11 is mandatory for the latest 3D games and comes by default with the Windows package. But the DX 11 can also be installed separately in Windows 7. by Windows 8 or Windows 8.1The Direct X 11.2 version is compatible and can only be installed each time your operating system is updated.

With the improvement of graphic environments and the advancement of technology, the complex game architecture needs HD quality graphics effects, so to meet these demands, MS Direct X comes into action.

Direct X 11 is empowered to present NVIDIA’s true definition features with improved performance and advanced effects. The product offers more reasons to install immediately, not only to meet the needs of modern games, but also to move forward. Photoshop Effects and videos too.

Direct X 11 brings new and surprising features and revised capabilities for striking performance with the new API that also supports “Tessellation and HDAO.” Users can experience many improvements and NVIDIA graphic rendering techniques with even more compatibility. In fact, DX 11 is contributing a lot to give a realistic touch to the advance of the gaming portfolio. The performance-related improvement can only be experienced after trying.

Version 11 is loaded with some new features, while below we list some of them in list format, check them.

DirectX 11 free download configurationDirectX 11: Outgoing features:

  1. Improved for modern games.
  2. Transparency Antialiasing.
  3. The tiling is being introduced quite impressively.
  4. Smoother appearance for images and transmission graphics.
  5. The inclusion of the Explicit Multi-Adapting function.
  6. Compatible with the latest NVIDIA graphics cards.
  7. Compatible with Windows 7, while 11.2 is compatible with win 8.
  8. Friendly graphic environment.
  9. More and more

DirectX 11 Important product details:

  1. Product name: Direct X 11.
  2. Updated here on December 9, 2015.
  3. Genre: Graphic development.
  4. Size of the installation: 96.1 MB.
  5. File name: DirectX_11_Setup.rar.
  6. License: Trail (free).
  7. Compatibility: Windows 7 and both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.
  8. System requirements: 1 GB of RAM with 2.0 GHz processor and a minimum of 150 MB of free space is enough for the product to perform its function without problems.
  9. Developer: Microsoft.

DirectX 11 free download for PC

Our suggestion about DirectX 11:

If you have a Windows operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8), Direct X is a mandatory requirement for the latest games to meet the minimum graphics requirements. Therefore, if you have problems loading, HD games, videos or advanced photo editing effects, consider installing DX 11 now.

How to download DirectX 11:

Below is a button to download the installer settings offline from Microsoft Direct X 11, with just one click.
Download Button

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