Top Best Document Management Software of 2021

Document management software has become an important component for running a business in 2021. As a result, many organizations do not use paper, have remote employees, or both. This new trend makes it impractical to keep documents and papers in office filing cabinets or boxes.

About Document Management Software

Document management software allows you to organize your office, improve security and access your files or data from anywhere. The software also improves efficiency when sharing documents or collaborating with team members. Are you ready to digitally upload, track, and secure documents? This requires document management software.

If your company doesn’t use paper or you want to digitize your records to improve your organization, this guide has everything you need to know about DM software (DMS).

Here are the 7 best document management software of 2021

There are hundreds of document management solutions on the market today, not thousands. Cloud storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox can also technically fall into this category. However, for this guide, I’ve focused on DMS for business. In this case, there are really only seven recommended solutions.

The review below includes a summary of, features, benefits, price, and potential downsides of each software. Use this resource as a resource to find the best document management software for your unique situation.

1. Master control

MasterControl is a DMS for businesses that puts security first. Certain industries have strict regulations that companies must follow. MasterControl understands these compliance issues and created a document management solution that meets all security requirements. One of the main features of MasterControl is the ability to track changes and modifications.

If a specific person needs to review a document, you can also schedule a time and send a reminder. MasterControl can also restrict modification based on access. You have full control over who can change the document. You can also create custom watermarks, serial numbers, and location tracking to control file copies.

MasterControl complies with 21 CFR Part 11. This means that documents have a timestamped audit trail and electronic signatures that comply with federal regulations. Another unique feature of MasterControl is the Learning Center.

In general, you can access a myriad of free videos, documents, and other resources to educate you about platform and security compliance. If you need enterprise-class security for document management in a strict industry, MasterControl is the best option to consider.

2. DocuWare

If you are looking for a high-quality cloud-based solution for document management, look for DocuWare. This DMS is unique because it has specific solutions for working within business processes.

  1. Document management
  2. Invoice processing
  3. Staff management
  4. sales
  5. Marketing

DocuWare uses cloud technology to bring everything you need for digital innovation and paperless work. Another software used by large corporations and businesses. Sony, Toshiba, Levi, and Kellogg are just some of the best-known customers.

But DocuWare is also the best option for small businesses

Small business owners can use DocuWare to automate digital workflows, securely organize and store documents, and automate certain tedious tasks. DocuWare allows employees and employees to edit or annotate documents directly on the platform. Not all DMS in the list provides this feature.

DocuWare likes DocuWare because it has features designed to connect remote and unemployed employees. Anyone can easily access content from any device, at home, or on the go. More than 12,000 companies from over 90 countries trust DocuWare for document management. Therefore, the company knows that such a record is legal.

There are also specific use cases such as contract proposals, financial processes, and HR work. DocuWare’s pricing follows a common theme in this guide.

3. M-Files

M-Files represents the future of document management. The software leverages AI technology to automate organizational processes. When you upload content to M-Files, the platform automatically organizes the data based on the data, not where you want to store it.

By connecting M-Files to existing networks and systems, you can protect your information and automatically classify everything securely with AI. Another major benefit of M-Files is that it provides industry-specific solutions. Popular industries they offer include:

  1. Financial services
  2. Architecture and engineering
  3. Oil and gas
  4. real estate
  5. Operation
  6. Professional service

M-Files is perfect for large teams that need to access documents at different times. If someone in your employee needs a file uploaded and saved by another colleague, you don’t have to search another folder to see what the document is stored. With AI technology, you only need to know the document type you want.

You can then organize your content based on criteria such as project title, author, customer, or expiration date. M-Files automatically detects duplicate content. Instead of having multiple versions of the same or slightly different documents on your storage system, it automatically updates the latest documents to one single file.

This way you will always know that you are viewing or working on the latest version. M-Files allows you to store a wide range of document types, including email. The software also allows you to collaborate with external users who do not have M-Files. That content can be shared as a secure link.

M-Files also offers cloud storage, on-site storage, and hybrid storage solutions. You can use M-Files free for 30 days, but the price of M-Files is not listed on that website. To contact us for a customized solution, you need to contact our sales team.

4. Templafy

Templafy is a relatively new DMS. Since launching in 2014, we have been providing all-in-one document management solutions for companies around the world. Designed specifically for large corporations, you can save time by simplifying tasks when saving and accessing files. More than 300 companies in more than 80 countries use Templafy for document management.

This is more than a million users. Templafy uses intelligence software to automatically display the most relevant content to each employee, based on the employee’s usage and location. The marketing team does not have to look at the accounting documents and vice versa.

In general, one of the biggest difficulties with DMS is the need to create new documents using different platforms. Templafy solves this problem by providing the ability for users to create and edit new content directly within the system. Both new and uploaded content can be managed in a simple, single feed from the dashboard.

Templafy’s cloud storage software means you can access your documents from anywhere, including smartphones and tablets. You can integrate Templafy with other platforms you use every day for Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, and other business operations.

You can also integrate Templafy with CRM solutions like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Large companies like Pandora and IKEA use Templafy to manage their documents with enterprise-class software. In addition to document and file management, Templafy has solutions to maximize employee productivity and build a permanent IT infrastructure.

Security is another major benefit of using Templafy. You and your team can safely store and access your content from anywhere, using any device, whether online or not. Like most enterprise software, Templafy offers a tailored solution for each unique company.

5. High tail

Hightail is a document management solution with a specific purpose, such as sharing and collaboration. Other DMSs on the market also have file-sharing capabilities, but Hightail takes them to the next level. Hightail is recommended for companies that need the ability to securely transfer large files. Sharing is simple. Simply drag or upload files from your device or cloud storage solution to your Hightail account.

Enter the information of the person with whom you want to share the information and automatically send an email notification to the recipient. Hightail allows you to track the delivery and download of shared content. You know exactly who opened it and when.

Hightail allows you to send files up to 500GB. You can also add password protection to the file and set an expiration date.

Here’s an overview of Hightail plans and pricing.

Lite — Free

  • 100 MB file transfer limit
  • 7 days file expiration
  • Use feedback for feedback
  • Sync from third party integration

Pro — $ 12 per user per month

  • 25GB file transfer limit
  • Configurable file expiration
  • Enable file preview
  • Send tracking and delivery notifications
  • Password security
  • Phone and live chat support

Team — $ 24 per user per month

  • 50 GB file transfer limit
  • Custom branding
  • Organization and Archiving Tool
  • Version Control with Phased Comparison
  • Real-time discussions for collaboration
  • Membership Management

Business — $ 36 per user

  • 500 GB file transfer limit
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Organization-level permissions
  • Manager report

As you can see, the price is mainly based on the file transfer limit. However, each plan greatly improves functionality. The free option is actually very useful if you do not need to transfer large files, and even an entry-level Pro plan is suitable for many individuals. If you are interested in a paid plan, you can try Hightail free for 14 days.

6. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is one of the best document management solutions on the market today. Since 2001, the company has helped individuals, small business owners, and enterprise-class companies organize their data and files online. The software makes it easy to keep your documents organized and find documents, no matter how many files you have. You can search or find documents based on folder templates or predefined file names.

eFileCabinet also maintains a portfolio of the most used documents for quick access. The eFileCabinet solution does it all. Simply upload the document and the software will submit it. Automated workflows streamline time-consuming tasks, improving office efficiency. You can access all your documents from anywhere using a web browser or mobile app.

You can upload documents directly from your phone using your device’s camera. With eFileCabinet, you can also sign contracts. One of the biggest advantages of this solution is its collaboration capabilities. The system allows you to create different levels of security so that only certain people can access your data.

eFileCabinet encrypted file shares and requests, two-factor authentication, and role-based permissions. You can also set up IP or location-based authentication. The software integrates with popular third-party services such as DocuSign, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office.

Here’s an overview of plans and price points for eFileCabinet:

  • Beginners — start at $ 15 (25GB of storage) per month
  • Benefits — Starting at $ 55 per month (1TB of storage)
  • Business — start at $ 99 a month (5TB of storage)
  • Unlimited — starts at $ 199 per month (unlimited storage)

All prices are listed by the user and are billed annually. After upgrading from Starter plan to Advantage, you will need to pay for at least 3 users. Only starter plans are recommended for individuals. A sole proprietor or small business may perhaps go beyond the Advantage plan, but in most cases, the Business package will be the best fit.

eFileCabinet allows you to choose whether you want storage on-site or in the cloud. I personally prefer cloud storage. But on-premises also have their advantages.

7. Paper tracer

PaperTracer offers solutions for small businesses. A simple solution for document management. PaperTracer allows you to automate contracts and digitize all documents into a centralized database. PaperTracer also has tracking and reporting capabilities and a HIPPA compatible solution. The document management solution has been fully customized. End-to-end workflow solutions benefit from cloud-based implementations.

The electronic signature feature can also be used with PaperTracer. PaperTracer is the ultimate solution for business in the medical and legal industries.

Here’s a quick overview of the available plans. All prices are customized

  • Up to 10 users
  • Electronic signature
  • Searchable Database
  • Upload and scan to PDF
  • Advanced report and dashboard
  • Input form
  • Medium size
  • Up to 100 users
  • Contract approval
  • Custom fields
  • Custom workflow
  • implementation
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited input forms
  • Single sign-on

Demos and free trials are provided for all three plans. We recommend PaperTracer for small businesses. There is an enterprise-grade solution, but there are better options on the list.

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