AVG Free Antivirus 17.9 – Download For Windows (64-Bit)

AVG FREE Antivirus version 17.9.3040 (configuration for Windows PC 64-Bit) delivers a well-founded online version that promises complete security for the PC by operating against malware, malicious websites, emails, insecure links and downloaded files .

Editor's note: It goes beyond simply spying and removing viruses on the PC by blocking any infected links while the user browses the Internet, examines the files before downloading them and protects the confidential data of users online, even on their PC with a privacy check improved Security is as important as ease of use and AVG is convenient to use, spy and exterminate viruses and blocks any links and files that can bite the data that live on the user's PC.

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AVG Free Antivirus 17.9.3040 (64-Bit): Product review:

Technical Details
. Nomenclature: AVG Free Antivirus.
. Gender: Antivirus programs.
. Updated in: January 30, 2018.
. Official: Avg.Com.
. Version: 17.9.3040.
. Compatibility: 64 Bit.
. OS: Windows 10/8/7.
. License: Free (Non-Commercial).
. Configuration size: 284 MBs

As the name implies, AVG Antivirus Free Edition is an ABLE antivirus software that is completely free for non-commercial use. Well, you may have been using AV or a different type of antivirus software, but if you have not tried AVG, you are far from getting reliable protection against all kinds of virus attacks. It is done taking efficiency and high security into account, specifically targeting PC users running the Windows operating system to provide them with excellent protection when sharing data with friends who use portable USB storage devices, surf the Internet or socialize. This antivirus software has innovative records that have more than 150 million users worldwide, who have used applications with full applications and the cloud services that accompany them for their PCs, Mac, tablets and mobile phones to exterminate any type of Online threat. AVG is a type of program that, when you have it installed on your system, you do not care what is happening on the Internet or any external storage device that comes with a legion of viruses because you have a Virus Shredder ability in your pocket.

  • License as free.
  • Ingenious surf protection.
  • Integrated anti-theft.
  • Scanning of electronic mail.
  • Reliable protection in real time.
  • Frequent notices to update.
  • Slow down a computer while scanning.
  • Free, only for personal use.

The user will not have to worry about any malicious attack, both online and offline, as this AV comes with an integrated anti-theft tool that enables the user to locate / find your stolen hardware. What can be more useful than having a reliable application that can protect your devices and at the same time help you determine any of your stolen hardware, which means that it not only defends against malicious attacks but also keeps your devices alive (if there is a Word like that), safe and secure. AVG is equipped with tools to spy on viruses, scan emails for any possible threat and link scan in real time, which means that the infection is treated even before they can reach the user's PC. In short, even with this free application, you can start a quick scan that makes malicious and unpleasant files seem extremely easy to remove.

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AVG Free Antivirus 17.9.3040 (64 bits): Main features of the product:

No matter how vital the file that the user wants to download, AVG guarantees that the file is checked very well to see if it is safe or if there is some kind of virus posted on the file. In addition, by transferring files through popular instant messaging such as Yahoo, MSN, Sky or Email, the software ensures that the user does not download a file if it is plagued by pests.

This is the best among the best antivirus that are automatically updated to ensure that the user is protected against constantly evolving threats. In case you are looking for the best tool against the new techniques of hackers, AVG is the best because AVG labs are constantly processing web data to offer their users a new defense to ensure they are automatically protected.

With the lasting protection of this AV program, users can confabulate and send messages to their friends, family, employees, teammates, etc. on Facebook and other social networks with the awareness that each link and web page have been verified and released from any form of viruses. With AVG Antivirus Free Edition, users can never pick up any malicious file or link from their friends or from anyone.

  • Game mode and Internet browsing

Enjoy your favorite game and surf the Internet without any obstacles; the software is smart enough to slide when you're away from your computer. It knows when the user is playing his favorite game and ensures that security is not interrupted by operating in the background.

Download AVG Antivirus 17.9.3040 (64-Bit):

Download the installation installer for AVG free antivirus 17.9.3040 which is suitable for 64 bit system architectures, by clicking on the button below. OR Download the 32-bit installation installer for AVG Free Antivirus 17.9.3040 Click here.

Configuring AVG for Windows

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