How To Auto Hide Or Completely Hide Windows 10 Taskbar

The taskbar has been automatically hidden in the Windows operating system since the time of Windows XP, but many users who recently started using computers or the Windows operating system do not know this ingenious feature offered in Windows. Also Get know How To Make Windows 10 Bootable USB.

What is automatic hiding of the taskbar?

As the name of the function suggests, Windows 10 allows you to automatically hide the taskbar when it is inactive. That is, when the auto-hide taskbar function is enabled, the taskbar is hidden most of the time and reappears when the mouse cursor moves to the bottom edge of the screen (or to the edge of the screen). screen where the taskbar is currently positioned). And once you move the mouse cursor away from the taskbar, the taskbar is automatically hidden.

How useful is the auto-hide feature of the taskbar in Windows 10?

The function is useful when working on a laptop or tablet with a small screen. By hiding the taskbar, you get more space on the screen, which in turn helps you do your job faster.

The feature is also useful when you want to focus on something for a long time without distractions. For example, if you are compiling a report in Office Word, you can automatically hide the taskbar and maximize the Word window for a non-distracting writing experience.

On top of that, desktop and laptop users who always use Ctrl + Tab to switch between running programs rarely use the taskbar. And as you know, the Start menu can be revealed by pressing the Windows logo key on the keyboard.

How to automatically hide the taskbar in Windows 10?

Complete the instructions below to enable or disable the auto-hide taskbar feature in Windows 10.

Step 1: The right button of the mouse in an empty place on the taskbar, click on Taskbar Settings option to open the configuration page of the taskbar of the Configuration application.

Step 2: Here, turn on Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode option to hide the taskbar immediately. If you want to hide the taskbar only in tablet mode, activate Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode option. That’s!

Windows will automatically hide the taskbar when it is not being used.

To completely or always hide the taskbar

To completely hide the taskbar, we must look for third-party tools. While there are many tools, Taskbar Hider is one of the best tools for this job.

Taskbar Hider allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut to hide or show the taskbar, so that you can hide or show the taskbar in a second. While using it, be sure to check the option labeled Upload when starting Windows.

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