Confide 1.5.6 Download for Windows

Confide 1.5.6 Download for Windows
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Confide 1.5.6 Overview

Confide’s fleeting and screenshot-ensured errand person enables you to discuss carefully with an indistinguishable level of protection and security from the talked word. With scrambled messages that self-destruct, Confide gives you the solace of realizing that your private messages will now genuinely remain as such. Discuss carefully with an indistinguishable level of protection and security from the talked word. Examine delicate points, conceptualize thoughts or give unfiltered conclusions without dread of the Internet’s perpetual, advanced record and without any duplicates abandoned. Trust utilizes military review end-to-end encryption to guard your messages. you can also download ManyCam Enterprise.

Confide 1.5.6   Full Free Download

Confide military-review end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe and to guarantee they must be perused by the proposed beneficiaries. Messages vanish always after they are perused once, making them as private and secure as the talked word. Trust guards your correspondence by shielding your messages from screenshot endeavors.

Confide is accessible for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and Apple Watch and enables you to remain associated with your work area or in a hurry. Trust is additionally converted into 15 dialects and is presently being utilized as a part of more than 180 nations around the world.

Confide Features:

  • Military Grade Cryptography
    Trust uses fight tried, military review cryptography to keep your messages sheltered and secure. We consolidate this with a straightforward and natural client experience to give predominant security, with no design required.
  • End-to-End Encryption
    All messages between Confide clients are end-to-end encoded. Encryption keys are created locally on every gadget and the private key never leaves the gadget, guaranteeing that exclusive the planned beneficiaries can read your messages.
  • Transport Layer Security
    All correspondence experiences Transport Layer Security (TLS), keeping any conceivable man-in-the-center assault and giving yet another layer of security, protection and information trustworthiness.

Confide 1.5.6   Free Installer

  • Transient
    Encryption is a critical segment of privacy however it’s not alone. After a message is unscrambled it winds up plainly powerless. It can be chronicled, printed and even sent. Be that as it may, Confide messages self-destruct. After they are perused once, they are no more. We erase them from our servers and wipe them from the gadget. No sending, no printing, no sparing … no nothing.
  • Screenshot Protected
    Screenshots have the capability of making the ephemeral perpetual. Trust forestalls screenshots on the majority of our stages. Where the counteractive action isn’t, in fact, attainable, our patent-pending perusing knowledge guarantees that exclusive a fragment of the message is uncovered at once and that the sender’s name isn’t noticeable. We likewise kick the beneficiary out of the message and inform the sender that a screenshot has endeavored.
  • Photographs, Documents, Voice and Group Messaging
    Send content, photographs reports (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF) and voice messages to people or gatherings. Like content, all photographs, records and voice messages are encoded, transient and screenshot-ensured. Convey in whatever configuration you’d like, without deserting a duplicate.

Confide 1.5.6 Technical Details

  • Latest Version: Confide 1.5.6 LATEST

  • Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

  • Author / Product: Confide, Inc. / Confide